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Prima Donna your song shall live again...

Hi! I thought i'd introduce myself now since I just joined.
My name is Caitlin and I'm a 16 year old that has been extremely obsessed with the musical "Phantom of the Opera" for years now. I know every word to the original Cast production. :)
So, When the movie came out, naturaly I was a bit nervous about seeing it. I didn't until much later after it came out, because I'd heard different views of it, and well i'm such an opinionated person esp. when it comes to voice and music, because i've been singing classical music for close to 7 years now and I've been focusing specifically on opera for a little over 2 years, so I was a bit worried about the selections for the parts, but I finaly broke down and went.
WOW! I was blown away. It was amazing seeing it in front of your eyes.. it was just beautiful, though I'm still a big fan of the original cast, I have to say most of the actors/actresses held their own in this movie, though I was a little put off by some of the vowel sounds used, but maybe thats just me being picky. I'm sure It is. Plus, Somethings were spoken when they should have been sung, but overall I love it! Fantastic!

So, Maybe I judged it a little bit too much, but well... Thats just my personailty.

So yeah, Thats my introduction, more about the movie than myslef, but what can you expect, right?

Well thats all for now,
Love yas!
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